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    Remember Our Holy Calling

    November 9, 2016 Tony Sparrow
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    From the Pastor
    I came to work today thinking about the election, as everyone has to some degree or another, and not as concerned about who our president is as much as I am concerned about the body of Christ's response to who our president is, and what our response in our country and our world should be as we move forward. As Christians, our identity and call is the same regardless if a president and their policies and decisions makes it easier or more difficult to live it out.

    As I walked into the sanctuary of the church this morning, I saw that our communion table was covered with a white cloth that had names of saints written on it by members of our church. We were celebrating All Saints Sunday this past Sunday. It was a day that we were joining millions of Christians around the world remembering and giving thanks to God for those holy ones in our life who have pointed us to the holy God who we believe took on flesh in the person of Christ.

    Names of saints were written in different colors of ink and names of a few different races were represented as well. And I was reminded of several things as I looked at the names that were written.

    I was reminded that God sent His son Jesus, who we believe as Christians was God in the flesh who came to show us what it means to truly be human and part of being human is to embrace the whole world in love regardless of race, language, skin color, religion, sexual orientation or gender. This God who showed up in Christ laid his life down for all people so that we might be restored into the image of this holy God who is perfect love. I was reminded that God's embrace of our world and all people led to suffering and that this suffering love is a part of our call and identity.

    We as the church are holy ones who are called to embrace the world in love as our God did and does. It is a love that is so extensive that it lead to a broken body and shed blood of Jesus the Christ.

    And so church, we are all reminded once more today that our call is as urgent and important as it has always been. We must remember our holy calling. We must remember to take care of the poor and the orphan and the widow and the alien and every person who is oppressed of every skin color and every language and every religion.

    The whole world is God's and He has embraced it and loves it. And we are called to be like him. So go love and embrace everyone and know that most likely you will suffer for it.

    But there is joy to be found even in suffering.
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