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    OHYEAH News: August 2023

    August 2, 2023
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    Summer has sadly come to an end and school is starting back up. Whether your teen started this week or will start next week everyone will be getting back into the routine of a more structured schedule (classes, homework, extra curriculars, etc.) and we are hoping that youth group will be a priority in your schedule for your teen. This summer our teens were able to experience so much with camp, NYC, color wars, and even a glow night but the fun and spiritual growth doesn't have to stop there. We have been working hard to make sure that our teens are able to experience the things that all youth groups enjoy, even if we are a small group at this time.

    We have put together our event calendar for the next 3 months and are praying that your teen will be able to join us. We have included on our calendar the topics we will be discussing in Sunday School and on Wednesday nights in order to help you stay informed as well as know specifically how to pray during these months (You can pick up your copy in the youth room or on the welcome board outside children/youth wing at church). As always please let us know how we can support you and/or your teen, including events or things they have coming up that we can come and show our support. We continue to pray for spiritual growth as well as physical growth in our group and ask that you will be praying alongside of us.


    Love and Prayers,
    Liz and Matt

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