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    God is Doing a New Work

    October 2, 2014
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    From the Pastor
    God is doing a new work at our church, and I am grateful to be a part of a great church family as we seek to be faithful to God's calling. If you were with us this past Sunday, you had the opportunity to hear our pastors share a little bit of their story and how the good news of Jesus Christ brought transformation to them. I was greatly encouraged Sunday, and I am constantly reminded by God of my calling to preach the "good news." The conviction is stronger than ever that we have the greatest news to tell the world. The more we are aware of what Christ is doing around us, the more we want to talk about it. Like Peter and John in the book of Acts, we won't be able to stop talking about the things we have seen and heard Christ do. As we join Christ in his mission, there are some great things coming around the corner that I wanted you to be aware of:

    Wednesday Nights in October
    All adults are invited to meet together in Room 200 for a time of prayer and Bible study. Ken Tanner will lead us in a time of prayer and then I will lead us into a study on How to Read and Interpret Scripture. We all know that the Bible can be confusing at times and confusion easily leads to giving up. The Bible is too important to give up on, and my desire is to help lead us to a place of confidence in understanding what we read as well as giving us tools of knowing where to go to help us understand. Childcare will be provided.  Regular activities for teens will be taking place as well.

    New Sermon Series on the book of Revelation
    Starting Sunday, Oct. 12, I will be preaching a 7 week series on one of the more confusing and mysterious books of the Bible. Some hesitate to read Revelation because it is seems scary or it is too confusing. Others read Revelation with a passion to try and break the futuristic code about details of the end times. We will journey together through the book of Revelation asking key questions about the meaning and purpose of the book. As we journey together, my hope is that we will all catch a glimpse of the Holy One seated on the throne!

    I look forward to these times together on Sundays and Wednesdays this month! If you have questions, please contact the church office.

    In Christ,
    Pastor Tony
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