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    Five Books: Genesis

    June 11, 2018 ​Pastor Tony
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    From the Pastor
    I am excited to journey with you over the next five weeks through the five books of the Torah. Torah means "guidance, instruction or teaching" and is many times defined as "law." As I will be talking about the book of Genesis this upcoming Sunday, I wanted to provide a focused scripture reading schedule for you as we prepare for our time together on Sunday. As you read, write down a question or two that comes to mind from your reading, and I will plan to include a question and answer time during the sermon. Also, to help you in your time of reading, three great questions to ask are these:

    Questions to think about as you read the Bible:
    1. What does this passage of scripture affirm about God? (Who is God? What is God like? What does God do? etc.)
    2. What does this passage of scripture say about the human need or the human struggle? (Do humans need saving, do they need forgiveness, do they need food or land, etc?)
    3. What response is this passage of scripture calling me to as the reader? (To trust, to worship, to confess, to forgive, to follow, etc.)​

    Reading Schedule:​
    • Monday, June 11 - Genesis chapters 1-3
    • Tuesday, June 12​ - Genesis chapters 12-14 ​
    • Wednesday, June 13 - Genesis chapters 15-17
    • Thursday, June 14 - Genesis chapters 18-20
    • Friday, June 15 - Genesis chapters 21-22

    F​eel free to email me with any questions or insights that you might have throughout ​the week. As we read scripture together, let's remember that we are not simply being informed by the Bible, but we are being formed and transformed by it as the Holy Spirit breathes new life to us through His word.

    Have a great week!
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