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    A word from Pastor Tony

    April 27, 2015
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    From the Pastor
    My heart is feeling many things today. My heart is glad over the great things that happened this past weekend at the Ladies Retreat. God certainly showed up in amazing ways, and I am thankful for all that He did in so many of our women. My heart is thankful for the women who gave leadership, time and effort into making this a great event.

    My heart is also heavy and sad. It is heavy for the suffering that is taking place in Nepal due to the earthquake. I invite you to be in prayer with me for those who lost loved ones and for those who are still uncertain of the status of their loved ones. Tragedies like these leave my heart heavy and my head shaking, wondering “why?”

    Why does God allow such horrific things to happen? I mean…I get why he allows good things to happen. He allows good things to happen because He is a good God. But bad things and evil things…they just don’t make sense. They leave us speechless at times, angry at other times, disgusted at times, and maybe even hopeless and despairing at times.

    But even in the midst of such tragedies and loss that we are seeing in Nepal, we dare to cling to Christ, the only one who is worthy to cling to. As I was reading scripture this morning, a phrase just kept speaking to me. It was simply, “Do not be afraid.” They were the words of Joseph to his brothers when they were afraid that Joseph would pay them back for what they did to him by selling him into slavery.

    But Joseph spoke these reassuring words, words for that situation, but words that I believe are from the heart of God for any circumstance that we face in life. We don’t have to be afraid of anything. We need not fear. This is easier said than done for sure.Because if I was in Nepal right now, not knowing where my loved ones were, I would most certainly be afraid. I would fear their death. I would fear their potential suffering and pain.

    But the good news of God’s words through Joseph, through many angels, through hisown mouth on many occasions is that we need not be afraid of anything…including evil, death, and suffering. For God is with us. And we are confident that He is with all of those in Nepal right now as well…in the midst of their suffering, grieving and crying with them. This is the kind of God we serve…one who rejoices and is glad with us when circumstances call for such a response, but one who also weeps with us and suffers with us when circumstances call for such a response.

    We need not be afraid of any circumstance, for He is with us. May God’s presence pervade and invade the hearts and souls of all men and women in Nepal during these tragic times. May God’s presence be known and experienced in the midst of any and every circumstance that we face. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us all!
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