Upcoming Events

Our gym will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30am for anyone who wants to walk.

Following morning service on Sunday, October 29th, the worship team will provide pizza (mama Katie’s favorite)! We ask that you please bring a salad or dessert. Katie and Travis are registered on babylist.com. Bring a book instead of a card! Your book will be cherished, whether it is well-loved or brand new – just sign the inside cover with a special note from you!

This Week at a Glance

Local Service Opportunities

Calling all Bakers -- If you love to bake, we are looking for volunteers to bake banana bread in the comfort of your own home, then deliver baked bread on Sunday mornings or email the office to schedule a drop-off time. We will freeze and use as gifts in the future.

Pencil Partners -- Our PENCIL Partnership is with Dupont-Hadley Middle School, helping with after-school tutoring, reading to students, exam proctors, seasonal events, end of year celebrations, etc. We also collect donations for Angel Tree, school supplies, and more. Please see Vickie Blackburn for more information on getting involved.

Get Connected!

CONNECT with other people. Meeting in smaller groups helps develop friendships...

CONNECT with your church. The many opportunities for ministry helps you to become more involved...

CONNECT with your faith. Small groups provide a time to dig a little deeper. You are in a setting where you can question and discuss and learn together.

We have small groups meeting Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Click HERE to learn more.

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