Worship Arts

Worship plays an important role in the development of Old Hickory Church of the Nazarene. Each service needs to be an exciting celebration of the goodness of God and the victorious life of Christ. We must endeavor to make each Sunday service at Old Hickory as focused and driven as if it were Easter each Sunday. We also hope that each week, we all can experience a moment where we can feel the closeness of the Lord that is authentic, but not mystical. We must continue in a tradition utilizing a worship experience which evokes participation rather than spectatorship. We must strive to provide services that are relevant to our demographic group, up-to-date in creativity, and presented with excellence. We must try different formats within our style and utilize a large group of volunteers. This is our call. That being said, our purpose is as follows:

The purpose and goal of the entire Worship Ministries is to lead the congregation, by example and service, sharing Christ through our lives and artistic gifts.

To accomplish this purpose, we will be governed by four basic principles.
  • We will provide, by example and preparation, weekly leadership in worship to the congregation.
  • We will exhibit an example of personal spiritual growth to the congregation through personal spiritual accountability partners, small groups, Sunday School participation, or other weekly ministry service opportunities.
  • We will provide opportunities for attendees to serve the congregation through the use of their musical and artistic talents.
  • We will give consistent, quality musical and dramatic presentations to encourage believers, win the pre-believer to Christ, and connect the uncommitted believer to our fellowship.

Rehearsal Schedule

8:20-9:00 AM Praise Band Sound Check & Rehearsal (Sanctuary)