CONNECT with other people. Meeting in smaller groups helps develop friendships... CONNECT with your church. The many opportunities for ministry helps you to become more involved... CONNECT with your faith. Small groups provide a time to dig a little deeper. You are in a setting where you can question and discuss and learn together.

Sunday morning groups meet at the church. Other groups meet at varied locations. For information on joining a small group, contact Debbie Woodard at 615-739-7367.


led by Johnnie Tanner Sundays at 9am

OH|kids jr

pre-school age led by Sheila Marchman Sundays at 9am

K-1st Grade

led by Todd Staley Sundays at 9am

2nd-3rd Grade

led by Jenn Houchin Sundays at 9am

4th-5th Grade

led by Jenn Houchin Sundays at 9am

6th-12th Grade

led by Sandy Hunter Sundays at 9am. Teens also meet on Sundays at 5:30pm for Youth Group with Nick Polk.

Young Adults

led by Ken Tanner Sundays at 9am


Mixed-age adults led by Debbie Woodard Sundays at 9am


Mixed-age adults led by Richard Baisden Sundays at 9am


Senior adults led by Janice Seabolt Sundays at 9am

Women's Group

Mixed ages led by Gracie Smith and Debbie Woodard Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Men's Group

Mixed ages led by Barry Robertson and William Summers Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Young Married Couples

Mixed ages led by Pastor Tony and Lindsey Wednesdays at 7pm

College Group

College age group led by Jessica Kyle Thursdays at 7pm

Tanner's Group

Mixed ages led by Ken Tanner Saturdays at 7:45am (bring breakfast)

Youth Group

led by Nick Polk Sundays at 5:30pm

Intro to Biblical Faith

led by Pastor Tony Sundays at 5:30pm